The Dancer in the Shadows

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

time? can be coupled with free? really?

and here i thought i was going to have a bit more free time... foolish me...

i am very much enjoying the new job, but i am notably busier at the office... i had not thought that possible... i was wrong!

i spend about half my work time away from the office doing work onsite at customer sites or traveling in between. i love the road trips, something new so often... but they do chew on time.

at home with ForeverSewing having purchased her new bridal shop, there is little free time... she is roughly three hours drive north five days a week running the shop. a commute three hours each way is just not feasible so she is staying with friends up there during the week. this leave me on my own at home with the kids...

i am truly experiencing the single parent bit, and i honestly don't know how single parents survive. i get a weekly break when ForeverSewing comes home for her weekend (sunday and monday are her days off, sometimes). and even with that help, i'm falling behind in basic things like housework quite badly.

even now, i *should* be loading the dishwasher, sorting out some laundry, cleaning up papers, putting the kids to bed, and working on a program i didn't finish at the office... but everyone needs a break every now and then and it has been more than a month since i posted an update. that doesn't even mention the computer parts i have yet to sort through or the preparations to move that really need to be happening...

so, with far less time than i expected...

--- The Dancer in the Shadows


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