The Dancer in the Shadows

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


or rather still... i have the same sinus infection i had from the previous post... it weakened for a bit but never went away... tomorrow i am going to try for a followup appointment... for something different/stronger/longer/i don't know/etc. to again try to eliminate this sinus infection...

in other news i think the busy season for my wife's bridal shop is officially underway... short version is she will be so busy at her shop that i might see her conscious long enough for her to walk from the front door of the apartment to her bed and fall over... maybe... she might need to be carried on some days...

still, it isn't like we didn't discuss this before she made the descision to purchase it. many times... we knew this would come, and now it has... time to weather it and watch for the end and we work our way through...

i'm still living most of the week three hours away from her because my job is still down here... this was also something we'd discussed... we were hopeful that i would be up there very soon, but that is not to be the case it seems...

and now something to take the edge of my pain (it feels like my face is going to burst soon from the pressure, and i haven't been able to breath through my nose in long enough that i am wondering if i will have a permanent rasp after this) and to bed for me, i've been up far too long already.

--- the Dancer in the Shadows


  • At Saturday, January 13, 2007 5:13:00 PM , Anonymous cait said...

    dancer, i still rarely post on quotidianshiner (i did on january 10), but usually i use the myspace is pretty much poetry and journaling, the bad stuff i've been writing in word and storing on my computer.


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