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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

pain and lost days ...

that's about how i feel at the moment. :( throat infection ... my cough medicine has codeine in it. and the first couple days, it really only took the edge off of the pain. and on top of that, my memory of monday could fit into less than fifteen minutes.

15 minutes out of 24 hours is pretty bad.

i'm told i ate (two separate times), went to the doctor, told my spouse to take a nap, i'd watch the kids for a few hours, watched shrek 2 with the kids, played zelda with the kids, took the laptop away from my spouse to more strongly encourage the nap, and turned on the heating unit for the bed( full blast) when i laid down.

what i remember: very fuzzy few words with the doctor, and being irritated at a single screen in zelda and turning it off.

yeah, it seems i was in pretty bad shape.

however, on the bright side, i don't remember hurting monday either ... i hurt now, but then again i can remember what's happening too.

more later

--- The Dancer in the Shadows


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