The Dancer in the Shadows

Friday, June 07, 2013

Out of Leads...

The hunt has now run out of leads to follow. All leads have come up dead one way or another.

At present, I have no further way of actively pursuing this hunt. I plan to continue watching and searching for leads, but I simply do not have any leads left to follow.

And so, I turn to a more passive approach, as I have no other options.


       I replied to your email when I saw it, but by the time I saw it, the email address I have for you was no longer accepting messages. I've contacted everyone I could in #FL to see if any of them still had contact with you, but it seems the email to me post-dates any of their last contacts with you.

       At present, I hope and pray I find another lead that will reconnect me with you, or that you will stumble upon this yourself. I miss you.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows


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