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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

i should listen when my wife makes a suggestion

first, my apologies to all for my extended absence.

second, i need to listen to my wife, she told me to i should go to the doctor last wednesday. i didn't get there until yesterday. it turns out that i would have felt much better much sooner if i had listened.

i got what i thought was a sinus infection. not that big a deal, i've had them before. usually clears up in a couple days... not this time -- stayed about the same for several days, then got worse. wednesday of last week (2005-03-02), my wife suggested i make an appointment because this one wasn't clearing up and was starting to get much worse. i didn't.

i even went to work thursday and friday, my timecard proves it, though i don't remember much of it. saturday and sunday were very painful and misty. partway through monday, i finally tried for an appointment. first available appointment for tuesday morning. suffered through the rest on monday.

tuesday morning at the doctor's office, the doctor told me i should have listened to my wife. instead of the single prescription i probably would have gotten for antibiotics, i got two shots, alegra, and the antibiotics.

it turns out that i had an allergic reaction to the sinus infection. the allergic reaction caused my sinuses to overfill, to the point i had sinus mucus seeping from my eye socket. this also greatly hampered basics like breathing, impeding the immune system in general.

all that misery because i didn't listen to my wife's suggestion... i think there is a lesson to be learned here.

not something i ever wish to repeat. i should listen when my wife makes a suggestion.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows


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