The Dancer in the Shadows

Thursday, April 21, 2005

many apologies

life has been painfully busy, almost to the exclusion of life.... i have not abandoned this though!

however, some explaination...

work: my department was 3 full time people and one part time person who often got overtime.due to cutbacks, my department is now two people, still expected to do the work of all 4 though. to that add additional requirements (as if we didn't have enough already??), and the changeover of a server platform.

home: a child's first holy communion is coming up fast, less than a week away at this point. my wife has returned to school, and is going for her BFA in theatrical costuming. add to that 3 costumes due at the end of the month and a prom dress due the week after (somehow she manages her own sewing business, i don't know how she does it).

to aid in her going to school, i am Mr. Mom 3 nights a week. i don't think i handle it well at all, though i am oft told otherwise (in this at least, i think she is delusional).

please bear in mind that these are only the major items i can remember at the moment... i've been up for almost 24 hours now and am a little fuzzy...

oh, i'm also updating my MCSE certifications. many unpleasant tests were there usually is no "correct" answer and you have to select the "least wrong" answer. i passed two of them during this awake cycle.

... and after all this, i still can't fall asleep...

--- The Dancer in the Shadows


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