The Dancer in the Shadows

Friday, June 28, 2013

Posting Frustrations

As the 'how busy are you?' tally has increased and continues to increase, I find that posting is becoming more difficult, not for lack of things to write about, but rather for lack of time to formulate the thoughts while anywhere I can record those thoughts in any medium...

For example, I had most of the main points of a post worked out in my head in the first thirty minutes of a motorcycle run that lasted three hours. By the time I completed the travel, I'd forgotten most of the post concept entirely, remembering only that I had worked out the key points of something I wanted to post... Extremely irritating.

And unfortunately this is how my memory has (not) worked since early childhood.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows

Monday, June 24, 2013

Needing Better Notes

I've discovered that I need a better method of sending notes to myself for blog posts...

Already more times than I care to count, I've had an idea for a blog post while away from my computer(s), and been unable to remember enough about the idea to respark it. Possibly the most difficult scenario to come up with a way to take notes is when I'm on my Iron Horse, Ezzy. Short of voice activated recording, with lots of noise cancellation, all less expensive forms of note taking require stopping and dismounting to get gear from the saddlebags.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Over the past few weeks, I've been reopening old communications channels to see who is still present on them and how they are doing. It has been very heartwarming to find that I have been strongly missed and am being heartily welcomed back.


--- The Dancer in the Shadows

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Forms of the Iron Horse

The most common use of the phrase "Iron Horse" refers to the steam locomotives that replaced horse powered overland transit. That always seemed strange to me as a kid because the trains bore no resemblance to horses at all. I found it seemed to fit motorcycles much better, as riding motorcycles and riding horses took many of the same skills, and had similar feelings and appearances.

At the time, many of my older friends who rode motorcycles were calling them "Iron Horses" as they shared a background of horseback riding as well, and perhaps had not realized that the phrase already had a connotation in wider use referring to steam locomotives. Growing up around them, I adopted their use of it as well, and still often refer to my motorcycle as my "Iron Horse" to this day.

And all of this drifted through my mind because I rode my motorcycle to work today.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows

Friday, June 07, 2013

Out of Leads...

The hunt has now run out of leads to follow. All leads have come up dead one way or another.

At present, I have no further way of actively pursuing this hunt. I plan to continue watching and searching for leads, but I simply do not have any leads left to follow.

And so, I turn to a more passive approach, as I have no other options.


       I replied to your email when I saw it, but by the time I saw it, the email address I have for you was no longer accepting messages. I've contacted everyone I could in #FL to see if any of them still had contact with you, but it seems the email to me post-dates any of their last contacts with you.

       At present, I hope and pray I find another lead that will reconnect me with you, or that you will stumble upon this yourself. I miss you.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Hunt Continues...

So far all possible leads have come up dead and more than a year old at best...

I may be forced to resign myself to hoping she tries to contact me again as I am unable to find anyone who has had any contact with her in over two years.

I am distinctly not pleased with this result, and am still combing my own logs for any fragment I might have forgotten that may give me a new lead to follow, but again, so far nothing newer than a year. It looks like I may have been the last person she continued contact with before her personal issues forced her to drop connections to everyone for a while. While I am honored by that, it also leaves little hope that anyone else will have more recent information on how to contact her than I do.

--- The Dancer in the Shadows